Review: The We-Vibe 4

I must say, this toy was by far the most anticipated gift of the Christmas season. I had to wait until this past weekend to even get mine because it was backordered!!!! Apparently a lot of couples were getting this over the holiday season.

Since Naive Nancy is an average 30-something married mother of two kids who lives in the suburbs, let me start by showing you how my package arrived.   I know you’re all wondering what it looks like when a sex toy shows up on your door step. Are the neighbors going to know? Is your mailman going to know? At least ordering through Liberator, I can assure you, no they are not! This package was the definition of discreet.

Discreet shipping

Discreet shipping

Looks like any normal box

Looks like any normal box

Unboxed items

Came in a standard brown shipping box. Even the from portion of the label uses the owning company’s name, not the website’s name. So you can’t even look at the label to determine that this item is a sex toy. The very definition of discreet. I’ve also shown what the items look like unboxed. I say items because I received two free gifts with my purchase. The first is the small egg like thing on the bottom right which is a male masturbator. Again, the naive individual that I am, didn’t even know those things existed. We might have to try that out. It was free after all. And the second item is the bigger orange behind the strange picture. That’s a storage bag for toys. Handy, but personally my husband and I think that my “keepsake” box is more inconspicuous.

Okay, so now that you know what to expect when receiving a sex toy in the mail, I know you want me to get to the good stuff! Well, I opened the box, no more than five minutes after my kids went to bed. I just couldn’t wait any longer. My husband dove right for the instructions as I dove right for the toy. Apparently it’s supposed to be charged for six hours prior to first use. My toy had some residual charge still in it and I really wasn’t going to be able to wait any longer, so I went ahead and tried it at less than full charge. This particular toy is marketed and aimed at couples. It is waterproof and made to work with water based lubes only. I instantly popped this in, and away we went. The We Vibe 4 is made to press against your clitoris and g-spot all at the same time. It has several different vibration modes that can be altered via a raised button on the clitoris portion of the actual toy, or the remote control. We first used it as foreplay as my husband played around with the remote, typical male, and I learned how to “adjust” the toy to sit where I wanted it to. The silicon of the 4th version is sturdier than the 3rd version allowing it to sit and stay in position better. Just playing around with the different modes of vibration, while not orgasmic, I was put into bliss. My husband kept trying to ask me questions and I was beyond being able to verbalize anything. I could only feel. It was really quite delightful.

The real fun for us though is being able to use the toy together. As in the piece that goes inside your vagina against your g-spot is flat and small enough for your husband to penetrate at the same time. It does make things tighter, which can be a plus for both of you. And then the vibrations are enjoyed by both. I will have to work on the placement of the toy a bit because I was unable to get the toy to stay in position when we changed to the doggie style position. I also didn’t prefer it as much in the doggie style position because then the toy was actually blocking my husband’s dick from hitting my g-spot on his own. So there is some learning curve. Overall this toy was a big hit and I can’t wait to use it more.

*I am not employed or paid by Liberator. I am just a customer sharing my experience. This toy was purchased by us and not provided. My opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Review: The We-Vibe 4

  1. Annie says:

    You’ve sold me. I can’t afford it, but if the price went down or I came into an inheritance I would so want one.
    I wouldn’t wait to charge the darn thing either!

    Post a follow up if you notice that they have another good sale going on.

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