Come hither is too suble, how about come fuck me

Subtlety is overrated. The only people who appreciate and understand subtlety are women. So unless you’re in a relationship with a woman, skip subtle. So let’s not talk about demure come hither looks, I would like to talk about come fuck me looks. As in, what is your go-to apparel when you want to make it apparent that you’re down to fuck.

Now, every person is different, therefore, what each person finds as overtly sexual may not be the same. So know your audience! And if you don’t know for sure, ask. Not, does this outfit make me look fat kinda ask, but I wore this to be sexy, is it working?

In my house when I’m trying to visually stimulate my man, I wear one of a couple pre-approved fuck-me outfits.

1) A gray tank top and bikini underwear – something about this says early pubescent fantasies. And my tits and ass look great in it. Take your pick.

2) White tshirt and jeans – down home country look maybe? He is a country boy at heart.

3) Knee high stiletto boots – yeah, these don’t have an and. They go with everything, or nothing.

4) Knee high socks and short skirts – something about the skin that is exposed leaves you wanting more.

See, there’s a reason why I didn’t suggest that you wear these items to stimulate your partner. Not every person is the same. You’d think it would be understood that general nudity would induce lust, but apparently that’s a myth. My man prefers any of the above to general nudity. So take the time to learn your partner’s preferences, and come back and share your come fuck me outfit. We could all use some inspiration.


9 thoughts on “Come hither is too suble, how about come fuck me

  1. I don’t think I have an outfit. It’s more text messages. I’ll take a quick cleavage-showin pic and send it. Or I’ll find just some random erotic (usually vintage or pin up) pics online and test them to the hubby. It makes for good foreplay going back and forth with them too.

      • Nope. I’m always pretty much dressed for work until the kids are asleep. Once they’re asleep, we’re pretty much nudists. All my clothes are show cleavage, so that’s an always thing. It seems silly to put on clothes when we’re naked most the time alone anyways.

  2. Lucy says:

    High heels. I dont wear them often, but when I leave for work I end up with texts how he daydreams about those high heels up in the air over his shoulders!

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