Ain’t got no satisfaction….

Who says you need a man, or partner, to provide satisfaction? I know what you’re thinking….Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’re single. What’s a girl to do when she wants some oral action. Luckily there’s a new toy for that!



The Lelo Ora is apparently a toy that provides the closest simulation of oral sex next to actually having a wet tongue down there. I haven’t personally experienced this heavenly toy, but check out this review.

Seriously, screw relationships, get this toy for yourself this Valentine’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Ain’t got no satisfaction….

  1. TheOguide says:

    I’m sure this is a pretty great toy. Lelo really does have some of the best on the market. Although Fun Factory is pretty great as well, they have one that does so much more than just vibrate. I’ll have to search my brain for the name of it.

    • I’d definitely love a suggestion for an equally great toy. I have a few Lelo toys and overall just love the brand. Great products, great material, great presentation, great construction, etc. They are really well thought out items.

      • TheOguide says:

        check out the Fun Factory Stronic. It vibrates and thrusts. Now I’ve had sold thrusting toys in the past and have seen a variety of different ones but this one was way different. Usually thrusting toys just move up and down…this one was beyond that. Probably one of the coolest toys I’ve ever come across.

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