UPDATED! The Fantasy Box – Review

I almost titled this:  The Good, The Bad, and The Funny The Mix-Up.

The Fantasy Box is a subscription based service providing “fantasies.” Unlike some other sexy subscription services, what is provided is like a complete fantasy. Not just some random toys and other products to try, but they provide a complete scenario to play out in the comfort of your home.

I decided to try the service for myself and see if it was intriguing as I thought.

Let’s start with initial thoughts. This package showed up at my doorstep looking completely innocuous. Normal brown box. Nothing on the label even really gave it away. The “from” line merely states “TFB.” Nosy neighbors be damned, you’ll not find anything here.  

innocuous brown shipping box

innocuous brown shipping box, ignore mess in background

When you open the box, that’s when the real wow occurs. The Fantasy Box really excels in their presentation. The box is so pretty I didn’t want to open it. And even upon opening it, I told my husband that I would gladly purchase another box just to see the presentation again. The Fantasy Box understands that seduction for a woman is a whole story. And the box with its presentation could definitely be considered foreplay. 🙂

The Fantasy Box

isn't it pretty?

isn’t it pretty?

I ordered the classic monthly subscription box. The Fantasy Box has set up a whole fantasy for you to explore. When you open that box you’ll see a general instruction card, and then “his” and “hers” instruction cards based on your fantasy. It’s complete with instructions, and all the toys, clothes, and accessories you need to complete said fantasy.

I was extremely excited to break open my box, and then when I opened it and saw what my fantasy was, I was a bit deflated. You should know that my disappointment in the fantasy was more about knowing my husband’s personal preferences and less about the actual fantasy. So we’re going to skip what the actual fantasy was, because we decided not to play it out. So we opened up the box to see what the rest of the contents were.

The contents of the box were as follows: an erotic massage candle, one black eye mask, a container of lube, lingerie, and a vibrator (batteries included!).

By far our favorite item was the vibrator. We’re always excited to try new toys and this one looked like fun. I shouldn’t say looked like fun, it was fun! Whenever you have an orgasm at the hands of a toy, it’s a success!



We’re always in the mood for candles, so that too was a welcome addition.

mask and candle

What we weren’t so fond of…..the “lingerie” and the lube. I put lingerie in quotes because this outfit was interesting to say the least. I don’t even know how to describe it. I’ll try, but this is going to be painful, it was made of a nylon stocking material, but in hot pink. It was designed like a halter mini dress, see through mind you, that comes to the very top of your thighs with built in garter like lines holding on stockings at the bottom. And by stockings I mean full foot coverage and everything. If I could suggest one thing to the makers of the box, it would probably be to not try so hard on the lingerie portion. They could have easily sent a camisole and panties or a chemise that would have been just as easy and more sexy. Even my husband laughed at the idea.

Okay, now I might need to take a picture. Pardon the quality, it’s from my iphone. I have to show this because when I did a quick google search, I found that most other people receiving a fantasy box received the cute lingerie I just suggested. So let me show you what I got.

sorry couldn't properly get it all in one picture

sorry couldn’t properly get it all in one picture

weird built in hold-up thingies

weird built in hold-up thingies

UPDATE! Apparently there was a mix-up with their lingerie supplier. The company had no idea until I posted my review with pictures included. They are sending out a new negligee to me and any other boxes affected by the mix up. Customer service at its finest. See what should have been in my box originally….

new lingerie from The Fantasy Box

new lingerie from The Fantasy Box


Much better!

Overall, my husband and I decided we were thrilled with the contents of the box and would gladly get another one, less the “fantasy” portion. Apparently he doesn’t like to be told what to do, even if it’s in good fun. The best part of The Fantasy Box is that there are several different types of boxes we could get. So I think I’ll just spend some additional time on there and find which box would suit us better. And to that end, the makers of The Fantasy Box ask that you leave feedback, good and bad, on their site so that they can better customize your selections for you.

So if you are a couple, looking for a way to spice things up, I would highly recommend this. The Fantasy Box is willing to give my readers a discount if you would like to try it. Use the code NANCY20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first box. If you decide to get one, please come back and let me know what you think.


5 thoughts on “UPDATED! The Fantasy Box – Review

  1. I’ve reviewed two of their boxes and agree that their customer service is amazing! I decided to cancel after my second box, it just didn’t have the same wow factor as the first! I might pick it up again sometime though. 🙂

      • If you are ordering their monthly boxes, I don’t think there is much choice in it. Everyone starts with Leader/Follower box and then goes from there. Your next one would most likely be the Chef/Guest one that I reviewed recently. I’d be interested to try their ‘Platinum’ Box sometime to see if the increase in cost (159$ I think) creates a more thought out fantasy!

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