How to Spice Things Up – Erotic Media

Notice how I didn’t use the word porn? I did that on purpose. Erotic media can include porn, but is not limited to it. Erotic media defined can be written word, images, and video.

So now that I’ve defined various types of erotic media, you’re wondering how it can be used to spice things up in your sex life. Well, I have a few ideas on that topic.

Reviewing erotic material on your own can be foreplay. It can really “rev” you up and get you ready for the main act with your partner. If you’re someone that needs an extra push to get excited, consider this your help. Find out which of these mediums appeals to you most.

Women typically relate best to the written erotica, so try reading some erotic novels/short stories. Get your creative juices flowing. Feeling really adventurous, try reading some of your favorite passages aloud to your partner. Check out the Kindle store for material.

Another outlet to spicing things up, explore erotic images with your partner. If you’re a little squeamish in regards to porn, start with pictures. As shown with my favorite tumblr account,, a lot of erotic images can be quite tasteful and artistic. Not only do you get your juices flowing, viewing these images together, but it’s a great opportunity to talk about what turns you on about various images. What a great way to find out something new about your partner and their desires. Maybe it reminds you of something you two do together that you really like, share that as well. Anything that promotes communication between you and your partner is a good thing.




hand holding

grainy from behind

Tell me that none of those turned you on?!

And finally, there’s porn. If you’re new to the porn arena, start with The Big List of Porn. It provides you with a huge list of porn sites. Anything and everything you can think of. I would recommend trying it by yourself first just to find what you like. Then when you watch with your partner, you can show them what appeals to you. The husband and I will take turns when we do this. We’ll watch something I like, and then switch and watch something he likes. Watching porn together can be a very sexy experience. You’re both aroused and take it out on each other. There’s just no substitute to watching sex.

Which erotic media do you prefer? And do you share it with your partner?


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