Are all moms fuddy-duddies?

Seriously, what the fuck (pardon my language but I’m irritated) is up with mothers. Most of what I see hit print about mothers can be summed up from this recent article (I had to update the link, the original article has since been removed). This has been passed around from mom to mom, “amen-ed” more times than I can count, and overall viewed as gospel to my demographic.

You’re looking at a lot of the reason why I started a blog. I get that this is satire. But at the same time, how far from the truth is it? I’m sick of people putting this out as representative of mothers.

Can you not be a mother AND be sexy? Are you not allowed to be a mother AND physically fit?

I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model, however, I have kept myself in great condition and love to put myself in these bathing suits. Do I wear one of these on a playdate to the pool with kids? No, of course not (unless it’s under a cover-up). But when I can sit at the pool by myself, absolutely. There’s no reason why we can’t be proud of the bodies we have, the hard work we’ve put into them, and want to show them off.

I don’t starve myself, but I also don’t eat a whole sleeve of cookies and wonder why I can’t wear one of these swimsuits. I’ve always lived under the belief that taking care of yourself is the best example you can give to your kids. When mom is happy, everyone is happy. And part of keeping/making yourself happy is to take care of yourself physically.

Is this why most written word of women/mothers in their 30s is that we are asexual creatures? Because we have devalued ourselves as a society so much that we are only capable of being the mom in yoga pants struggling to keep up every day? Does frumpy have to be the primary descriptive word for us?


5 thoughts on “Are all moms fuddy-duddies?

  1. “Is this why most written word of women/mothers in their 30s is that we are asexual creatures?”

    You know, the actual women in their thirties who are asexual still have their orientation denied and invalidated, so I’m going to have to take issue with your premise there. What you’re talking about is something other than asexuality.

    Anyway, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be “frumpy” or that you’re devaluing yourself if you wear whatever kind of pants, but I’ll agree that this idea that moms can’t/shouldn’t be sexy serves no useful purpose.

  2. Cheers to all the women who advance through life and still hold on to the essence of their sexiness. Motherhood makes no difference. You women are a gift to us men. Don’t fall into the trap of frumpiness. You are meant to be sexual beings – no matter the age or life stage.

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