Favorite Sex Positions

You really can’t have a blog about sex and sexuality without discussing favorite sex positions. And I’m not talking about one of those cheesy women’s magazines that mentions the five basic positions. No no no, you should know me better than that. Go big or go home. Right?

So I have brought to you what I consider to be the best website for exploring new positions. Sex Info 101 has a great animated guide. Yes animated. Because how can you really know what your favorite is if you don’t even know everything that is available to you!  

Give it a test drive, I’m sure there’s something in that list you’ve never seen before.

Why don’t I get you started with some of my favorites….

1) The Arch – something about this position just puts the cock in such a way to rub the front wall of my vagina. Oh so nice.

2) The Basset Hound – I used to be a dancer, so I have the flexibility this position requires. And if you do, you really want to try this out. Much like the doggie style, but the more spread out your legs are, the more directly your g-spot is stimulated. Yes, please.

3) The Cross – the husband likes this one because it provides him access to play with my body while entertaining a different type of penetration. As for me, depending on which way he’s facing, to my right or to my left, one side makes me orgasm quickly, the other is just a big tease. Everyone’s anatomy is different.

4) The Rear Entry – We typically place a pillow under my stomach just to increase the pressure on my g-spot. This is another favorite of the husband.

5) The Teaspoon – one of my personal favorites solely because of the direct contact with my g-spot. This position ensures a quick orgasm. And I do mean fast, we can practically count down as I explode.

And that doesn’t even mention all the oral sex positions listed. We can save that for another time.

So check out the guide, have some fun experimenting and then let me know what your favorite positions are.


9 thoughts on “Favorite Sex Positions

  1. Greta post — the basset hound and the teaspoon are a couple of our favourite. From my wife’s G-spot location, she would love the arch – we’ve never tried but definitely will now.

  2. Annie says:

    Anyone else feeling all hot and bothered 😉
    Thanks for sharing this great resource. I’m sure my hubby would like to try out a few (or all….)

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