The Case for Shower Sex

shower sex

As said previously, I recently moved. And with that move has come a lot of positive things. We moved to a bigger house, in a better neighborhood, with a bigger yard. And Stepford-like neighbors that brought me flowers. But do you know what it didn’t come with? A shower with a built in step/seat.

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? Well, this all deals with the case for shower sex.

Shower sex is a very big part of our sexual repertoire. It is done usually on the weekends, at least once. It’s our thing. Our previous showers have been built in such a way that we had a seat in the shower. The seat is a crucial part of our shower sex. I am often sat on the seat as the husband (if you don’t like me calling him husband, help me name him) goes down on me. Or I’m kneeling on the seat as he takes me from behind. Or he’s sitting on the seat while I blow him. Or one of us is sitting on the seat and one on the shower floor while we perform mutual masturbation. Sometimes with toys, sometimes without. Ooh, and how could I forget, sitting on the seat while I give him a hand job. Easily my favorite thing. See, a seat is a crucial piece in our shower sex lives.

Don’t worry, I’m about to address what you’re thinking. I know you’re wondering why we can’t just do it standing up. Well, this is the only time our serious height difference becomes a problem. We cannot have sex just standing upright. I’m very short, he’s very tall. There’s 13″ between the two of us. Makes for impossible standing up sex. Put us in a reclining or lying down position and we’re completely compatible. Put his super long legs and my stumpy ones into play and he’s basically fucking my boobs. Which isn’t bad if that’s what we were going for, but it’s not!

We had the pleasure of staying at a hotel recently that had “steps” in the shower. That’s the only time we’ve been able to have standing up sex in the shower. Makes me want steps and a seat both in the shower. And a bar up high, reinforced, so that I can hang on. Wait, I think I just made the shower like a “play room.” Kinky.

This shower issue is such that we will need to renovate the bathroom at some point just to rectify the situation. I miss my shower sex!

Seriously, if I haven’t made a case for you to try shower sex yet, think about it. It’s like the ultimate erotic fantasy. You’re dripping wet, or he’s dripping wet (whichever turns you on more). You’re all slippery. There’s steam. Porn movie in the making.

What do you think, did I just talk you into some shower sex? Enjoy it for me.


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