Couples Dating: Lessons in Etiquette 1

While traversing this new land of couples dating, I’ve found myself in need of a few etiquette lessons. So I believe this will be a continuing theme on here as well.

Lessons in Etiquette 1: How to come back from the ledge without looking like a dick.

We’ve been successfully conversing, via email, with a particular couple. Verbally we hit it off. Pictures from the neck down, are okay, not bad, not our favorite. But the real kicker was when we received face pictures today. Suddenly I’m no longer interested. Sorry, I’m a visual person, it’s true. I’m not looking for another love of my life. I’m not polyamorous. Therefore I have to have an attraction to these people. And I don’t. So how do I extricate myself from this situation politely? Can we say awkward? Cause I’m feeling really awkward right now.

yeah, this won't be happening

yeah, this won’t be happening

Why isn’t there a rule book for this shit? There are books for everything else on Earth, how about a Dating for Dummies – Swingers Guide. (yes I did use the word swingers, ugh) Maybe that’s what I’ll start writing next.

Romeo and I talked about this quite a bit. We hemmed, we hawed, and finally came up with a solution. It’s a bit of a cop out really, but I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings and since I had unintentionally lead them on, I didn’t want to be a dick about it. So Romeo suggested, and I followed through with, telling them that Romeo had put a kabosh on the meeting, he was getting cold feet with the whole “next step” of actually meeting and we were going back to the drawing board to hash out our boundaries and expectations again. They took it surprisingly well, and left it open for us to communicate with them again in the future if we got back into it.

What do you think, did we do the “right” thing? Was there a “right” thing for us to do?


One thought on “Couples Dating: Lessons in Etiquette 1

  1. Elle says:

    It seems like a nicer alternative than the blunt truth. There is nothing wrong with wanting physical attraction, especially when you are looking for something on the casual end of the spectrum. Heck, at any end you want to be physically interested in the person across from you.

    Good luck! It sounds like quite and adventure.

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