Naive Nancy’s Guide to Men’s Underwear

Romeo's party pants!

Romeo’s party pants!

I recently had the pleasure, and I do mean the pleasure, of helping Romeo pick out some new underwear. Everyone, men and women alike, focus on women’s underwear, but not a lot of thought is brought to the men’s underwear. So because of that, what I thought was going to be a relatively easy task, turned into something a bit more challenging.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a personal stylist in my spare time, I understand the basic types of men’s underwear: briefs, boxers, and the best of both worlds, boxer-briefs. Note:  For the purpose of this discussion we’re sticking to the basic mainstays of the modern straight gentleman. But, apparently it’s been way too long since we’ve looked for something different in this department because there seems to be quite an emergence of creativity in color, inseams, and fabrics.

all the colors!

all the colors!

What used to be available in only white, gray, navy and black, is now made in the full rainbow of colors. And if solids, even if in an impressive array of options, are still too boring for you, there are plenty of print/picture options.

a little fruit with that juicy butt?

a little fruit with that juicy butt?

Fabric options used to only be 100% cotton, or a cotton/spandex blend (if you wanted something a little better fitting). Now there’s an actual consideration for the purpose of wearing the underwear. Looking for performance wear for workouts? Try microfiber (available in nylon or polyester) for more breathability.

no not that kind of breathability

no not that kind of breathability

Cotton is still a mainstay for basic comfort, but modal has come along as the upscale option. There are fabric options for less pilling, fraying, fading and everything in between. Who knew there were/are so many options?!

is the junk peeking out yet?

is the junk peeking out yet?

And outside the basic three styles, has emerged another hybrid option, trunks. Trunks are basically boxer-briefs with a shorter inseam. Think European swimwear.



Just like everything else today, there are a plethora of “extras” that can be built into the underwear for form, function or just whimsy.

I can help you with that

I can help you with that

But at the end of the day, a classic is still a classic!

Hi Marky Mark

Hi Marky Mark

What do you prefer to see on your man…


Romeo Objects! – 8 Upsides of Skirt Season

There was an article recently posted discussing the feminine downsides to skirt season. As I do with most humorous articles, I discussed it with Romeo. The response I received from him, while not surprising in its content, was surprising in its fervor. To Romeo, and any other man I polled, there is no such thing as a downside to skirt season. So here to help me explain, is Romeo with his 8 Upsides of Skirt Season*.

1) Easy Access – fingers, tongue or cock can find and enjoy your goodies easily

2) Miles and miles of bare legs – ‘nuf said

3) No underwear! – maybe this is a biased opinion from men who know women that go commando with skirts, but it is now a tantalizing supposition that a certain percentage of women don’t wear underwear with their skirts, and now you’re intrigued and want to find the women who do that

4) Closet Exhibitionist – it has been suggested that women who wear skirts, particularly short ones, like their legs and like to show them off. And if that’s the case, no worries ladies, there are plenty of men out there ready to ogle.

5) Feminine Appeal – skirts and dresses are the ultimate sign of femininity. In a world where women are increasingly more powerful and taking charge of more and more traditionally male roles, it is nice to remember that at the heart of all that is a feminine persona. What is more attractive than a woman in a skirt that can do it all?

6) Curves – pencil skirts specifically highlight the curves (granted Romeo doesn’t know the name of any other skirt, but isn’t that telling in and of itself)

7) Bent Over – this kind of plays off #1 and the idea of easy access, but what man hasn’t fantasized about bending over a woman, pushing up her skirt and doing her. It’s raw, it’s animalistic, and it’s hot!

8) Marilyn Monroe incident – while Romeo called this something else, this is what he was referring to, the idea that at any time a gust of wind could come around and blow up the skirt revealing all that’s under there whether clothed or not. Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate sex symbol, who doesn’t want to remind a man of that.


*This is a tongue-in-cheek male perspective. Take it for what its worth and consider it an interesting glimpse into the male mind.

How to Spice Things Up – Playing Games

Have you been anxiously awaiting another installment in the, How to Spice Things Up series? Previously we discussed mutual masturbation and erotic media.

So what happens when you and your partner are left alone in the evenings? Do you retreat to your respective seats and electronic devices only to spend the evening together and yet alone? Are you a TV couple, meaning that when the chores are done and the kids in bed you spend your time watching TV together. Or does one of you clean and prepare for the next day while the other plays video games?

If any of these sound like your relationship and you’re looking to get out of the rut and spend more quality time together, let’s discuss a new option. Playing games.

Playing games are a good way to bring you and your partner together in an exhilarating and stimulating manner. It is often been said that your brain is your largest sex organ, so if you get your brain working on something with your partner, isn’t that the best foreplay?

Can’t think of any games to play with your partner. Let me help you out a bit.

I'm sexy when I throw it

I’m sexy when I throw it

Romeo is a bit of an active/outdoor person, so we’ve taken to playing frisbee in the evenings now that the weather is nice. Neither one of us is particularly talented in sports, but frisbee we can handle. It gets us outside (Romeo says one point in its favor) and active (point two). But to really get his blood pumping I’ve taken it up a notch by playing half naked (game, set, match) :).

Sexy Uno

Let’s take one of your favorite games from childhood and make it dirty, Uno. There are two different ways we’ve played this one and made it more adult. First you can add a “strip” element to it, or really with any game that has multiple rounds and a specific winner/loser to each round. Whomever the loser is of the round has to remove an item of clothing. The ultimate loser of the game is the first one to be completely naked. But are you really losing?

The second way to play is with alcohol. The loser of the round has to take a shot. The only difference between this and the “strip” version is that it’s an arbitrary decision as to when the stop the game. Although drink enough and I’m sure you’ve forgotten all about winners/losers and have moved on to a sexier pasttime.

sexy twister

Our final suggestion is Twister. Do I really have to explain how Twister can be foreplay? If you don’t have this game in your house, get it now!

What “sexy” games have you been playing lately? I’d love to hear some new ideas.