Romeo Objects! – 8 Upsides of Skirt Season

There was an article recently posted discussing the feminine downsides to skirt season. As I do with most humorous articles, I discussed it with Romeo. The response I received from him, while not surprising in its content, was surprising in its fervor. To Romeo, and any other man I polled, there is no such thing as a downside to skirt season. So here to help me explain, is Romeo with his 8 Upsides of Skirt Season*.

1) Easy Access – fingers, tongue or cock can find and enjoy your goodies easily

2) Miles and miles of bare legs – ‘nuf said

3) No underwear! – maybe this is a biased opinion from men who know women that go commando with skirts, but it is now a tantalizing supposition that a certain percentage of women don’t wear underwear with their skirts, and now you’re intrigued and want to find the women who do that

4) Closet Exhibitionist – it has been suggested that women who wear skirts, particularly short ones, like their legs and like to show them off. And if that’s the case, no worries ladies, there are plenty of men out there ready to ogle.

5) Feminine Appeal – skirts and dresses are the ultimate sign of femininity. In a world where women are increasingly more powerful and taking charge of more and more traditionally male roles, it is nice to remember that at the heart of all that is a feminine persona. What is more attractive than a woman in a skirt that can do it all?

6) Curves – pencil skirts specifically highlight the curves (granted Romeo doesn’t know the name of any other skirt, but isn’t that telling in and of itself)

7) Bent Over – this kind of plays off #1 and the idea of easy access, but what man hasn’t fantasized about bending over a woman, pushing up her skirt and doing her. It’s raw, it’s animalistic, and it’s hot!

8) Marilyn Monroe incident – while Romeo called this something else, this is what he was referring to, the idea that at any time a gust of wind could come around and blow up the skirt revealing all that’s under there whether clothed or not. Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate sex symbol, who doesn’t want to remind a man of that.


*This is a tongue-in-cheek male perspective. Take it for what its worth and consider it an interesting glimpse into the male mind.


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