Just Can’t Escape…Unconventional Foreplay

I would gladly clean the house with him!

I would gladly clean the house with him!

Sometimes, regardless of how often I like to pretend otherwise, Naive Nancy’s life does fall prey to the trappings of conventional motherhood and life in general. It’s not all fun and swinging games over here. So let me take a moment and describe how conventional motherhood and domesticity do not put a damper on our sex lives or sexy time. Instead I’d like to show you how to embrace life in all its normalness, and turn the mundane into the exciting.  

This weekend we started a new project in the house. We’re removing wallpaper. Sounds incredibly exciting doesn’t it? But for my husband you could call this foreplay. Why? Because he likes to tackle projects together. That creates a bond with him. I wear some of his favorite slouchy clothes that normally harken back to a time that is pre-children, and we work together. It doesn’t have the excitement factor of putting on new lingerie and parading that in front of him, but it reminds him of our unencumbered time together. Pulling up good memories can be as powerful as creating new ones. And knowing what he likes, completing projects together, is important to strengthening our bond as a couple. When he gets done with a task, Romeo is so elated that that energy is turned into seducing me. Positive energy breeds positive actions, and all that mumbo jumbo.


One of my favorite things to do is to cook. And of course it’s something that has to be done daily otherwise no one eats. So how do you turn a daily chore into something fun? If he’s home from work early enough, I invite Romeo in to help me. The closeness in the kitchen leads to covert touching/teasing while we’re making the evening meal. We have time to catch up with one another before the kids are in bed. We’ve strengthened that couple bond so that once the kids are in bed, we can skip straight to the fulfillment stage of all of that teasing. Being able to have sex anytime before the end of the evening is a novelty for parents.

Ours is a little sexier than this!

Ours is a little sexier than this!

Laundry Day! Yes I put an exclamation point behind that because it is an exciting time in our house. True, at least one load of laundry gets done a day, however, if for whatever reason we have a build-up of laundry and a weekend day gets set aside for this task, it turns into the one day that my husband goes commando. I’m not entirely sure how that started, but he’s always just taken his current pair of underwear off and thrown them in the wash with everything else. Now for that reason alone I can get behind an official laundry day. 🙂

Movie time! Also an exclamation point! Our kids occasionally get a bit of a movie after dinner if they’ve been good that day. And if I’ve been especially good, Romeo will sneak away with me and we’ll get in some heavy petting and making out while the kids get their evening entertainment. The limited time ensures that we don’t get too far in our sexual endeavors, but the stolen time makes the act seem extra naughty.

I hope we’ve inspired you to try putting more sexy into your day. Maybe you are already a pro at sneaking the sexy in, if so what are some ways you sneak sexy time into your daily lives?


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