The Great Debate!

There are probably a hundred different things you’re envisioning me writing about with that title, but none quite so provocative as the truth. Do you or don’t you have sex during your period? It’s one of those innocuous monthly things that happens to every woman over the age of puberty, and yet the very addition of wanting to have sexual relations during that time makes this a controversial topic. This seems to be the ultimate in polarizing topics. You either do it and can’t understand why it’s a big deal, or you are of the “there’s no way in hell I’m going there,” camp.  

I was reading this article today, when it dawned on me that while I’ve touched on this subject indirectly, I’ve never delved into my own personal opinion. Romeo and I are slightly at odds with this subject, but have come to some great middle ground over the years. Naive Nancy is very much for period sex. For me, sex is as much an emotional release as it is physical, so for there to be 5-7 days/month that I’m not getting physical contact, that is quite detrimental to my mental health. On top of that, I’m a squirter, so making a mess isn’t new to me, or Romeo for that matter. We already use a towel most of the time, so what’s the difference. And finally my sex drive really doesn’t turn off for many things. It sure as hell isn’t turning off just because I’m bleeding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve joked that my pussy has a mind of its own, because I’m sure it does. I could be sick, feeling like death warmed over, and my pussy is wet and ready to go. So it certainly doesn’t shut off just because it has the inconvenience of bleeding once a month.

Romeo on the other hand, while not squeamish, his reluctance towards period sex is entirely mental. He sees blood and thinks he’s hurting me. It doesn’t matter what I say or can prove, he mentally just equates blood with pain and has issues circumventing his own cerebral wiring. Again, like me he’s used to a mess. I mean with squirting and anal sex in our regular repertoire, there’s hardly a day that goes by that he’s not taking a shower or washing up after our sexual romps. So it’s not the idea of a mess per se, that is the issue. It’s the perceived anguish.

Aside from Romeo’s misgivings, I believe that most people (men and women) who shy away from marital relations during a woman’s “time of the month,” have reasons based on their religious upbringings, whether conscious or not. There are a lot of religions that believe the woman is “unclean” during her monthly menstruation and aren’t to be touched. This can be a hard societal norm for you to bypass. If you spend your whole life believing the woman is unclean, hard to wrap your brain around wanting to have sex with that woman. Blood is gross, not to be touched, certainly doesn’t evoke sexy thoughts (blood is part of your kink, then please ignore this).

What about the leagues of women that just don’t feel up to it? I can’t blame them. Every woman’s experience is different. Some women are just in that much pain due to cramping. Some get migraines from the hormonal shift that comes with menstruation.

The men who aren’t against sex during menstruation have a couple different reasons. They like sex so much that nothing is stopping them, including a little blood. Some understand that giving a woman an orgasm during this time of the month provides endorphins and thereby helps their women feel better. And some believe it’s just natural lubrication, no harm no foul.

But whether you are a man or woman, for or against intercourse during menstruation, there are other ways you and your partner can be close during this time of the month.

Try practicing your hand job skills. You can give your man an orgasm and relive some high school friskiness all at the same time. For that matter, your man can manually manipulate you as well! Your clitoris is out of the “yuck zone.” Use it gentlemen! You can get her off and keep clean.

There’s always the trusty blow job. What man is going to turn down a blow job, really? And chances are he’ll be more inclined to want to find a way to make the woman feel good as well. Sucking their dick is an aphrodisiac to most men. They’ll want to return the favor somehow.

Maybe it should be more about the foreplay and less about the climax, and if that’s the case, then a good old fashioned make out session is in order. What a great way to keep the sexy feelings going even if you can’t consummate. You’ll be more than raring to go when you’re done bleeding.

And if you’re really feeling adventurous, there’s always anal play. For both parties!

So where do you land in the great debate. Are you for or against sex during menstruation?


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