Holy Shit, Is this 1950?!

I just read this article, yes I read it start to finish even though I almost choked while doing so. Now before you go all crazy on me, keep reading. Seriously, read the whole thing. I know you’re starting to wonder how I get myself into these situations. Why even read the article you’re saying? I read it because on the surface I don’t disagree with the idea that you should have sex with your husband whenever he wants it.

Again, bear with me. Whenever he wants it should be an agreed upon thing amongst the two of you. We’ll come back to that.   Continue reading

Dick Pics!

patriotic dick pic

Naive Nancy is letting you in on a little bit of girl chatter. See, some girlfriends and I have been recently debating the phenomenon of dick pics and whether these are warranted and wanted pieces of digital flirting from the male sex. I personally love a good dick pic, but then again I’m spoiled. Romeo’s cock is a thing of beauty, a work of art. And he generally likes to tease me with such pictures when I’m out with the girls.   Continue reading