Dick Pics!

patriotic dick pic

Naive Nancy is letting you in on a little bit of girl chatter. See, some girlfriends and I have been recently debating the phenomenon of dick pics and whether these are warranted and wanted pieces of digital flirting from the male sex. I personally love a good dick pic, but then again I’m spoiled. Romeo’s cock is a thing of beauty, a work of art. And he generally likes to tease me with such pictures when I’m out with the girls.  

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we make any rash judgements, what defines a good dick pic? Well for starters a hard cock! I know, seems self explanatory right? However, this apparently is not common knowledge as some women decried the whole dick pic phenomenon based solely on the reason that they were receiving pictures of flaccid male members. How is that flattering in any way shape or form, terrible pun aside? Put your best face forward gentlemen.

Besides a hard cock, I won’t pretend to be a dick pic expert. If you want real dick pic critiques, you should check out this lovely tumblr. The whole purpose of this tumblr is to critique dick pic submissions. The owner/writer of this tumblr takes time to review lighting and angles, etc. I’ll defer to the experts. 🙂

The argument has also been made that all dicks look alike. Naive Nancy cries blasphemy to this one! They do not all look alike! Some look short and squat and you wonder what pleasure they can bring. Some are long and statuesque and your vagina weeps for joy at the sight. Some are curved, some are straight, some are cut, some are uncut. There are so many different variations.

In general I believe there has been much of a double standard about the male form. Yes women are beautiful, no one will disagree with that. However, men’s bodies are to be worshipped as equally attractive. Just because they have hair and are hard in places that our bodies are soft doesn’t make them less attractive. These things define a man and the male form. Celebrate the differences. And quite frankly, Naive Nancy wants to know what you’re working with. 🙂 So keep those dick pics coming.


2 thoughts on “Dick Pics!

  1. I don’t care for dick pics. I’d rather him tease me with other parts of his delicious body. I do, however, like short videos of him taking care of business when I’m not available.

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