Happy Anniversary to Me!

That’s right, a year ago Naive Nancy launched her musings. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes humorous, and oftentimes ridiculous. This has been such a revolutionary year for me as an individual and for The Mister and I as a couple and you’ve been here through it all.

You’ve been here with me as I’ve learned about sex toys. My first sex toy review was even hinted at in Naive Nancy’s inaugural post. Talk about coming full circle. One year later and I’ve been sent the next version of that sex toy, the We-Vibe 4 Plus, to review here for this blog.


We’ve talked about hot button topics as they’ve hit the “mainstream” media:  married sex, anal sexhow orgasms aren’t necessary for sexual satisfactionthe promotion of mothers as asexual beings.



The Mister and I brought you into our lives as we discussed our foray into the swinging world.

yeah, this won't be happening

We discussed how to spice up your sex life. And had a good laugh over the sexual positions series.

And in the middle of it all we had some reviews sprinkled in:  We-Vibe 4, Dreambrands Lubricant, The Fantasy Box, E-Glass Screamer, La Reve Femme Vibrator, and the We-Vibe Tango.

Personally, the posts I had the most fun writing were about hand jobs, sex songs, hot chocolate that is like fucking foreplay to me, and the great underwear search of 2014.

I hope you’ve found whatever you were looking for with this blog. Humor, how to, sexy pictures, life, etc. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing it and look forward to bringing you along on many more adventures. And just for some final titillation, I’ll leave you with my favorite picture of the year.

aren't they cute?

aren’t they cute?

Huh, take that back, pictures. I couldn’t just choose one.


Romeo's party pants!


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