Naive Nancy’s Workout Plan

You too can look like this in six easy steps!

You too can look like this in six easy steps!

You know what, I just can’t help myself. Sex Info 101 should be paying me by now. After reviewing their animated sex position guide for favorite sex positions, and then again when discussing the anatomically impossible sex positions. I have found that there is yet one final installment to be had in the Sex Info 101 animated sex position guide series. Naive Nancy’s sex position workout plan. Wait, just follow me on this one.

This is for you gentlemen. Your ladies want you in shape and you want sex right? These things do not have to be mutually exclusive.

1) The Monkey Bar – look at that, pull ups! Pull-ups and penetration, AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!

2) The Standing 69 – this is a seriously advanced squat using your partner’s bodyweight.

3) The Big Dipper – a tricep dip, maybe you can superset this with the #1.

4) The Bumper Cars – reminiscent of the superman plank exercise, you’re really looking at a full body workout here.

5) The Booster Seat – looks like a moderate bicep curl to me, but I’m really distracted by the childlike name. I don’t want to be thinking about my children while fucking.

6) The Snake Charmer – hope you’ve been keeping up with your yoga, you will need to in order to nail this position.

I left off the most obvious, that most sexual positions include a general forward thrusting motion for you which is an instant ab and gluteus maximus flex.

So take your standard ~100 calories burned during a sexual session and maximize that with the Naive Nancy workout plan. *results may vary*

And that completes my trifecta of posts on the Sex Info 101s animate sexual position guide. Hope you enjoyed.