Happy Anniversary to Me!

That’s right, a year ago Naive Nancy launched her musings. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes humorous, and oftentimes ridiculous. This has been such a revolutionary year for me as an individual and for The Mister and I as a couple and you’ve been here through it all.

You’ve been here with me as I’ve learned about sex toys. My first sex toy review was even hinted at in Naive Nancy’s inaugural post. Talk about coming full circle. One year later and I’ve been sent the next version of that sex toy, the We-Vibe 4 Plus, to review here for this blog.


We’ve talked about hot button topics as they’ve hit the “mainstream” media:  married sex, anal sexhow orgasms aren’t necessary for sexual satisfactionthe promotion of mothers as asexual beings.



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Slippery When Wet – Review of DreamBrands Lubricant

Everyone needs a little lubrication every once in a while. Whether you’re using it as additional vaginal lubrication, with your toys, or for anal play, you’ll need to have a good lube on hand.

My husband and I, while looking for new things to play with, ran across the idea of clit sensitizing gel. DreamBrands has a highly rated version, G-Female Stimulating Gel. I purchased this and highly anticipated its arrival. When it did arrive, the husband and I got down to business and quickly tested it out. I have to say that this particular product didn’t do anything for me. I was not deterred though because every person is different and not all our body chemistry’s react to things the same. So I let the company know that while I was thrilled with their service, the actual product did nothing for me. Stick with me, this is where it gets interesting. DreamBrands instantly (within minutes) emailed me back and stated their regrets that the product didn’t work out for me and gave me an instant, no questions asked, refund. It gets better. Then they asked if there was an alternate product I would like to try for free. So I went on their website and found two products that intrigued me.

A couple days later, a new box from DreamBrands shows up at my house. Not only had the company sent the two requested lubes to test, but they sent full size bottles! If that isn’t phenomenal customer service I don’t know what is.

So let’s get down to what I did like. The first of the requested alternate lubes was the DreamBrands Sensual Massage personal lubricant. We love this one because my husband oftentimes starts foreplay with a massage of sorts. This creates a smooth glide of skin over skin. It doesn’t dry sticky and when the husband moves on to using his fingers for penetration, the residual lubricant also feels great inside me as well. So there’s no back and forth between a massage oil and lubricant. Genius.

The second item I received was The Natural Personal Lubricant with Carrageenan. A great water based lube that I can use with my toys like the We-Vibe 4. There’s nothing special about it but it does the job and I have no complaints. It’s never sticky or tacky, no scent, and my husband’s favorite part is the push top dispenser. No unscrewing a lid and pouring.

So while my initial review of DreamBrands was from a product that didn’t do anything for me, I really was incredibly surprised by their over the top customer service support. And the two follow up items I received were a fantastic introduction into their other personal lubricant products. They definitely have a repeat customer in me!