Review: We-Vibe 4 Plus


We-Vibe was kind enough to send me not one but two great toys to review. As you’ve previously read I was sent the We-Vibe Tango, which I absolutely adore, and the We-Vibe 4 Plus. I was so excited to receive the We-Vibe 4 Plus because the first sex toy we ever purchased and I subsequently “reviewed” for this site was the We-Vibe 4. Continue reading

Trials & Tribulations of Dating

Oh first dates. Everyone in the lifestyle has a different path to walk, but essentially in order to meet new people you’re going to have to go on a lot of first dates. Whether that’s meeting at a party, or for an intimate dinner and drinks setting, it’s still essentially the same thing. First dates. Lots of them. I know, you vanilla people thought you had the monopoly on the agony of first dates. Sorry. Continue reading

Holy Shit, Is this 1950?!

I just read this article, yes I read it start to finish even though I almost choked while doing so. Now before you go all crazy on me, keep reading. Seriously, read the whole thing. I know you’re starting to wonder how I get myself into these situations. Why even read the article you’re saying? I read it because on the surface I don’t disagree with the idea that you should have sex with your husband whenever he wants it.

Again, bear with me. Whenever he wants it should be an agreed upon thing amongst the two of you. We’ll come back to that.   Continue reading

The Great Debate!

There are probably a hundred different things you’re envisioning me writing about with that title, but none quite so provocative as the truth. Do you or don’t you have sex during your period? It’s one of those innocuous monthly things that happens to every woman over the age of puberty, and yet the very addition of wanting to have sexual relations during that time makes this a controversial topic. This seems to be the ultimate in polarizing topics. You either do it and can’t understand why it’s a big deal, or you are of the “there’s no way in hell I’m going there,” camp.   Continue reading

Just Can’t Escape…Unconventional Foreplay

I would gladly clean the house with him!

I would gladly clean the house with him!

Sometimes, regardless of how often I like to pretend otherwise, Naive Nancy’s life does fall prey to the trappings of conventional motherhood and life in general. It’s not all fun and swinging games over here. So let me take a moment and describe how conventional motherhood and domesticity do not put a damper on our sex lives or sexy time. Instead I’d like to show you how to embrace life in all its normalness, and turn the mundane into the exciting.   Continue reading