Happy Anniversary to Me!

That’s right, a year ago Naive Nancy launched her musings. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes humorous, and oftentimes ridiculous. This has been such a revolutionary year for me as an individual and for The Mister and I as a couple and you’ve been here through it all.

You’ve been here with me as I’ve learned about sex toys. My first sex toy review was even hinted at in Naive Nancy’s inaugural post. Talk about coming full circle. One year later and I’ve been sent the next version of that sex toy, the We-Vibe 4 Plus, to review here for this blog.


We’ve talked about hot button topics as they’ve hit the “mainstream” media:  married sex, anal sexhow orgasms aren’t necessary for sexual satisfactionthe promotion of mothers as asexual beings.



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UPDATED! The Fantasy Box – Review

I almost titled this:  The Good, The Bad, and The Funny The Mix-Up.

The Fantasy Box is a subscription based service providing “fantasies.” Unlike some other sexy subscription services, what is provided is like a complete fantasy. Not just some random toys and other products to try, but they provide a complete scenario to play out in the comfort of your home.

I decided to try the service for myself and see if it was intriguing as I thought.

Let’s start with initial thoughts. This package showed up at my doorstep looking completely innocuous. Normal brown box. Nothing on the label even really gave it away. The “from” line merely states “TFB.” Nosy neighbors be damned, you’ll not find anything here.   Continue reading